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If you're looking to transform your bedroom into a haven of tranquillity and contemporary beauty, Scandinavian bedroom furniture is the perfect choice. Megafurniture's range includes exquisite bed frames, dressing tables, bedside tables, and side tables, all designed to complement each other seamlessly in your bedroom.
Shop at Megafurniture to elevate the Scandinavian charm of your space!

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  • Barnie Bedside Table Singapore
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            Scandinavian Bedroom Furniture Buying Checklist

            Whether you're looking to revamp your entire bedroom or just want to add a touch of Nordic charm, these Scandinavian bedroom furniture pieces from Megafurniture can bring a whole lot of difference to your bedroom oasis.


            Scandinavian Bed Frames

            What to Look for:

            1. Choose bed frames with simple, uncluttered designs and straight lines.
            2. Opt for bed frames made of natural wood, like oak or pine, for an authentic Scandinavian look.
            3. Look for bed frames with minimal or no headboards to maintain the minimalist aesthetic.
            4. Some Scandinavian bed frames offer under-bed storage options, which is a practical feature.
            5. Consider bed frames with tapered legs for a touch of elegance.


            Scandinavian Dressing Tables 

            What to Look for:

            1. Choose dressing tables with a sleek and unadorned design, avoiding excessive embellishments.
            2. Opt for light-coloured dressing tables to maintain the airy atmosphere of Scandinavian design.
            3. Many dressing tables come with mirrors, which is a functional and common feature.
            4. Look for dressing tables with ample drawer space for storage and organisation.


            Scandinavian Bedside Tables 

            What to Look for:

            1. Scandinavian bedside tables are often compact and space-efficient.
            2. Select tables with natural wood finishes or white paint for that classic Scandinavian look.
            3. A storage drawer or open shelf is a practical feature for bedside tables.
            4. Keep an eye out for simple and functional designs.


            Scandinavian Side Tables

            What to Look for:

            1. Side tables in various sizes are suitable for different purposes, from nightstands to accent tables.
            2. Opt for wooden side tables to align with the Scandinavian style.
            3. Choose side tables with minimal ornamentation or intricate details.
            4. Tapered legs add a touch of elegance to side tables.


            Scandinavian Wardrobes

            What to Look for:

            1. Scandinavian wardrobes often feature sliding doors, which save space and maintain a sleek appearance.
            2. Choose wardrobes in light wood finishes or white for a fresh and open feel.
            3. Look for well-organised interiors with shelves, drawers, and hanging space.


            Scandinavian Chest of Drawers

            What to Look for:

            1. Ensure the chest of drawers provides ample storage space with smoothly operating drawers.
            2. Many Scandinavian pieces feature wooden handles, adding to the overall aesthetic.
            3. Quality construction and materials are essential for long-lasting furniture.


            Scandinavian Accent Chairs

            What to Look for:

            1. Consider upholstered chairs with Scandinavian-style fabrics like wool or muted tones.
            2. While Scandinavian design is known for clean lines, some accent chairs may feature soft, curved lines.
            3. Comfort is essential, so look for chairs with cushioning and support.


            Scandinavian Bedroom Furniture Buying Tips

            When you're shopping for Scandinavian bedroom furniture, it's essential to look for specific features and characteristics to ensure you're getting the authentic Nordic look and quality. Here's a checklist of what to look for:

            Features to Look for


            Clean Lines

            Scandinavian design is known for its simple, clean lines. Ensure sleek and uncluttered designs.

            Light, Natural Colours

            Opt for light, neutral colours like whites, soft greys, and natural wood tones for a bright and airy atmosphere.

            Wooden Frames

            Look for Scandinavian furniture with wooden frames, whether solid wood or veneer, for an authentic feel.

            Minimalist Design

            Prioritise pieces that embody minimalism, free from unnecessary ornamentation.

            Quality Craftsmanship

            Check for well-crafted details and sturdy construction, reflecting the durability of Scandinavian furniture.

            Functional Storage

            Seek smart storage solutions such as under-bed storage in bed frames and drawers in dressing tables and bedside tables.

            Natural Materials

            Authentic Scandinavian furniture often incorporates natural materials like wood, leather, and wool, creating a warm ambiance.

            Tapered Legs

            Furniture with tapered legs is a common feature in Scandinavian design, adding an element of elegance.

            Modular and Versatile

            Many Scandinavian items are designed to be modular and versatile, adapting to changing needs.

            Quality Fabrics

            For upholstered furniture, choose quality fabrics in solid colours or subtle patterns to maintain a minimalist aesthetic.


            Prioritise functionality; Scandinavian furniture combines style and utility effectively.

            Eco-Friendly Options

            Consider eco-friendly and sustainable materials to align with environmentally conscious choices.

            Scandinavian Bedroom Furniture Shopping FAQs

            What is Megafurniture's selection of Scandinavian bedroom furniture like?

            Megafurniture offers a wide range of Scandinavian bedroom furniture, including bed frames, dressing tables, bedside tables, side tables, wardrobes, and more.

            Are there options for customising Scandinavian furniture at Megafurniture?

            Megafurniture may offer some customisation options, such as choosing upholstery fabrics and finishes, depending on the specific product. Before shopping for your furniture, don't hesitate to connect with our team to get more product details.

            Can I view the Scandinavian bedroom furniture in person before making a purchase?

            Yes, Megafurniture has showrooms at 34 Hillview Terrace, Singapore 669254 and 61 Ubi Road 1 Oxley BizHub #01-34, Singapore 408727 where you can view and test the Scandinavian furniture in person.

            What are the typical price ranges for Scandinavian bedroom furniture at Megafurniture?

            The price of Scandinavian furniture can vary depending on the type of furniture and materials used. At Megafurniture, trust that you can find options to fit your budget range.

            Does Megafurniture offer delivery and assembly services for Scandinavian bedroom furniture?

            Megafurniture often provides delivery services, and assembly services may be available for certain furniture items. Inquire about their specific services.

            Are there any ongoing promotions or discounts on Scandinavian furniture at Megafurniture?

            Megafurniture frequently offers promotions and discounts. Check our website, social media pages or visit the store to stay updated on current offers.

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