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Recliner sofas are great choices if you are looking for a special spot for your "me time". With their ergonomic built and resilient body support system, these sofas are the best upgrades that you can add up to your living room. Beautify your home or office lounge in Singapore with Megafurniture's elegant, sturdy and functional recliner sofa and armchair collections on sale!


Predos Fabric L-Shape Recliner Sofa Singapore Predos Fabric L-Shape Recliner Sofa Singapore
Predos Fabric L-Shape Recliner Sofa
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    Recliner Sofas in Singapore

    Looking for an effective way to enhance the comfort of your living room? Recliner sofas come with excellent features that offer exceptional comfort when you lounge or sink into the seat in a fully reclined position. These recliner sofas are stylish and luxurious. They can serve as the perfect centrepiece, replacing the traditional look of standard sofas.

    Enjoy a well-deserved rest after a long day or binge watch your favourite TV series in a fully reclined position. Want an extra-special Friday movie marathon? You can set up your recliner sofa as a makeshift bed to lie down while watching or to simply take a nap.

    What is a Recliner Sofa?

    Recliner sofas are spacious couches with additional adjustable seat and backrest features. These adjustable features allow you to tilt or "recline" the back and raise the front part of the sofa to raise the footrest. A recliner sofa often includes a backrest, footrest, and lumbar support. The reclining position does not only provide maximum comfort, but it offers various health benefits as well.

    Recliner sofas are ideal for:

    • Stress relieving

    • Improving blood circulation

    • Alleviating back pain

    • Reducing the discomfort of stiff or swollen joints

    • Aside from full-length recliner sofas, we also offer recliner armchairs that are perfect for personal lounging.

    Are Recliner Sofas Beneficial for the Back?

    A recliner sofa offers proper lumbar support, which is incredibly beneficial for your back health. Sitting in a reclined position reduces spine pressure while preventing you from hunching or slouching compared to when you are sitting at a straight 90-degree angle. Elevating your feet when reclined also reduces the pressure on your hips and lower back.

    What is a Recliner's Lumbar Support?

    A healthy lumbar position involves maintaining the natural S shape of the spine when sitting. This is affected by an unsupportive seat or long hours of sitting. Recliners promote the proper alignment of the spine with their versatile structure. The reclining position itself is beneficial for your lower back, but the presence of comfortable padding and the mindful back structure also help in reducing the pressure when you sit. Sitting on a recliner sofa prevents your muscles from overworking themselves while ensuring the proper alignment of your spine.

    What are the Best Recliner Sofa Materials?

    Premium recliner sofas are made from a reliable wood structure, high-density foam padding, and high-quality fabric, velvet, faux leather, or genuine leather upholstery. We offer a range of high-quality fabric and premium top-grain genuine leather recliners to provide you with the best quality and optimum comfort.

    How Much is a Recliner Sofa in Singapore?

    There is a wide range of recliner sofa styles, colours, and features to splurge on in Singapore. At Megafurniture, you can choose from premium fabric recliner armchairs starting at $349 or high-end genuine leather recliner sofa varieties with excellent features starting at $899.

    Why Should You Choose a Recliner Sofa?

    A recliner sofa isn't just comfortable, but also stylish and luxurious. With a wide variety of configurations, materials, colours, and textures to choose from, you can find the perfect recliner centrepiece for your lovely living room.

    Invest in a High-Quality Recliner Sofa at Megafurniture

    Enjoy easy, hassle-free furniture shopping at Megafurniture. Shop high-quality recliners, from one-seater armchairs to three-seater recliner couches, and varieties with trimmings and excellent features for the best prices. Experience the difference of choosing quality materials and thoughtful construction with the exceptional comfort and style of our recliner sofas in Singapore.