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Pet-friendly Bed Frame Singapore

Pet Friendly Bed Frames

Shop Premium Pet-Friendly Bed Frames in Singapore

Our pets hold a special place in our hearts and homes. If you're a pet owner in Singapore, you understand the joys and challenges of sharing your space with your beloved pets, especially the bedroom. Introducing pet-friendly bed frames comes to the rescue.

Made from pet-friendly materials, these specially designed bed frames are not only comfortable for you but also considerate of your four-legged friends.

Say goodbye to fur-covered bedding and hello to peaceful nights of coexistence with your pets. Upgrade your bedroom with a pet-friendly touch today!

3 Results

3 Results


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Jarvis Fabric Storage Bed (Pet Friendly Fabric) Singapore
Jarvis Fabric Storage Bed (Pet Friendly Fabric) Singapore

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Jarvis Fabric Drawer Bed Frame (Pet Friendly Fabric) Singapore
Jarvis Fabric Drawer Bed Frame (Pet Friendly Fabric) Singapore
Lucien Fabric Bed Frame (Pet Friendly Fabric) Singapore
Lucien Fabric Bed Frame (Pet Friendly Fabric) Singapore

Lucien Fabric Bed Frame (Pet Friendly Fabric)

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Regular price $449.00 $599.00 from $449.00 25% off

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Buy Pet-Friendly Bed Frames in Singapore

Pet owners in Singapore, listen up! We're about to introduce you to a game-changer: pet-friendly bed frames. If you're a pet lover, you've probably encountered the age-old struggle of sharing your bed with your four-legged friend. From muddy paws to shedding fur, it can be a challenge. But fret not, because we've got you covered.

Why Go Pet-Friendly for Your Bed Frame?

Your pets are a part of your family, and they love being close to you, especially when you're sleeping. By investing in a pet-friendly bed frame, you create a comfortable space for both you and your pets. No more worrying about scratched or chewed bed frames or constantly cleaning up fur.

What Should You Look for in a Pet-Friendly Bed Frame?

  1. Durability. Look for solid construction, reinforced corners, and quality materials. Hardwood frames, such as oak or maple, are known for their durability.
  2. Easy to Clean. Pets can be messy, whether it's shedding fur, occasional accidents, or dirty paws. Choose a pet-friendly bed frame with materials and finishes that are easy to clean. Avoid materials that can trap odours or stains.
  3. Pet Safety. When shopping for a bed frame, safety should be a top priority. Ensure the bed frame has no sharp edges, corners, or exposed hardware that could potentially harm your pets. Look for rounded edges and non-toxic finishes to keep your pets safe.
  4. Scratch Resistance. If you have cats or dogs with a penchant for scratching, opt for materials that are scratch-resistant. Some finishes are designed to withstand light scratching, preserving the aesthetics of your bed frame.
  5. Height and Accessibility. Consider the height of the bed frame. It should be low enough for your pets to jump on and off comfortably. If you have older pets or smaller breeds, accessibility can be a crucial factor.
  6. Pet-Proof Design. Some bed frames are specifically designed with pets in mind, featuring built-in pet beds or hiding spots beneath the frame. These can be a great way to keep your pets close without taking up extra space in your bedroom.
  7. Mattress Compatibility. Ensure that the bed frame is compatible with your mattress size and type. You wouldn't want your mattress to slide around or not fit properly within the frame.
  8. Noise Reduction. If your pets are active during the night, consider bed frames with noise-reduction features. These can help prevent disturbances as your pets move around.
  9. Stability. A stable bed frame is essential to avoid any wobbling or swaying, especially if your pets like to jump on and off frequently. Check for a solid base and adequate support.
  10. Style and Aesthetics. While functionality is crucial, the bed frame should also complement your bedroom decor. Pet-friendly bed frames come in various styles, so you can choose one that suits your taste.

What is the Best Pet-Friendly Bed Frame Material?

While there are various materials to choose from, hardwoods like oak and maple are excellent choices since they're sturdy and can withstand pet activities. Avoid materials that are easily scratched or damaged, such as softwoods. Also, opt for pet-friendly finishes that are free from harmful chemicals.


How to Shop for Pet-Friendly Bed Frames Online

  1. Research Reputable Retailers. Start by researching and identifying reputable online furniture retailers that specialise in furniture or pet-friendly products.
  2. Measure Your Space. Before you begin browsing for bed frames, measure your bedroom space. Ensure you have the exact dimensions to choose a bed frame that fits comfortably without overcrowding the room.
  3. Set a Budget. Determine your budget for the bed frame. Pet-friendly bed frames come in various price ranges, so having a budget in mind will help you narrow down your options.
  4. Material Selection. Based on your pet's habits and your preferences, decide on the material for the bed frame. As discussed earlier, hardwoods like oak and maple are durable and pet-friendly. Make sure the material aligns with your aesthetic preferences.
  5. Consider Pet Features. If your pet likes to sleep with you, look for bed frames with built-in pet-friendly features such as integrated pet beds, hiding spots, or accessible spaces underneath the frame. These designs can help create a cosy space for your pet while keeping your bedroom stylish.
  6. Read Product Descriptions. Pay close attention to the product descriptions. Look for bed frames that explicitly mention being "pet-friendly" or having features suitable for pet owners. Check for information regarding materials, construction, and ease of cleaning.
  7. Check Customer Reviews. Customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the quality and durability of a bed frame. Look for reviews from pet owners who can share their experiences with the product, especially regarding how well it accommodates pets.
  8. Examine Return Policies. Before making a purchase, carefully review the retailer's return policy. Ensure that you have the option to return the bed frame if it doesn't meet your expectations or if it arrives with any defects.
  9. Compare Prices and Features. While shopping, compare the prices and features of different bed frames. Keep in mind the material, size, design, and any additional pet-related elements. Balance your preferences with your budget.
  10. Contact Customer Support. If you have any specific questions or concerns about a particular bed frame, don't hesitate to contact the retailer's customer support. This can help clarify any uncertainties and ensure you make an informed decision.
  11. Make Your Purchase. Once you've found a pet-friendly bed frame that aligns with your needs, budget, and style, proceed to make your purchase. Double-check the size and quantity, and review your order before confirming.
  12. Delivery and Assembly. When your bed frame arrives, follow the assembly instructions carefully. If assembly seems daunting, consider hiring professional assembly services to ensure it's set up correctly. Luckily, Megafurniture offers free assembly services! Connect with our team to learn how.


How Much is a Pet-Friendly Bed Frame in Singapore?

The price of pet-friendly bed frames in Singapore varies depending on size, material, and brand. At Megafurniture, you can buy pet-friendly furniture for as low as $99.

How to Take Care of Your Pet-Friendly Bed Frame

To keep your pet-friendly bed frame in top condition, regularly clean it from pet hair and wipe away any dirt or spills. Invest in pet-friendly mattress protectors to prevent stains and odours. Also, trim your pet's nails to avoid excessive scratching.

Ready to Upgrade Your Bedroom for You and Your Pet?

Shop for your new pet-friendly bed frame now and transform your bedroom into a haven for you and your furry companion. Don't miss out on the comfort and convenience that a pet-friendly bed frame can offer!