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Prepare delicious meals for your family and explore the inner chef in you with these innovative ovens in Singapore. Choose form a variety of styles, designs, sizes and notable functions. We have compact pieces that can fit your kitchen and energy-efficient units that can help you enjoy cooking while saving more.

Toshiba 35L Electric Oven TL-MC35Z Singapore Toshiba 35L Electric Oven TL-MC35Z Singapore
Toshiba 35L Electric Oven TL-MC35Z
Regular price $169.00 $189.00 Sale price$169.00
    Toshiba Steam Oven MS1-TC20SF(GN) Singapore Toshiba Steam Oven MS1-TC20SF(GN) Singapore
    Toshiba Steam Oven MS1-TC20SF(GN)
    Regular price $469.00 $489.00 Sale price$469.00
      Toshiba Steam Oven MS1-TC20SF(BK) Singapore Toshiba Steam Oven MS1-TC20SF(BK) Singapore
      Toshiba Steam Oven MS1-TC20SF(BK)
      Regular price $469.00 $489.00 Sale price$469.00

        What is an Oven?

        An oven is a reliable kitchen appliance that you can use to cook, grill, heat, and create many scrumptious meals at home. There are various types of ovens in Singapore, from personal ovens to microwave ovens, convection ovens, and industrial ovens.

        Whether you are cooking or grilling delicious food to share with your family and guests, preparing some sweet pastries, or honing your baking skills, an oven will surely cut your cooking time while giving you the best dishes.

        Which Type of Oven is Best for You?

        Conventional Oven

        A conventional oven is one of the common types of ovens seen in many households. This large electric or gas oven can be freestanding, built-in, or a part of the kitchen range. The heat at the bottom of the oven radiates up to cook or bake the food. This does not use regulated heat.

        The main difference between conventional gas ovens and electric ovens is their heat sources. A gas oven cooks food with flames, while an electric oven uses electricity to produce heat.

        Convection Oven

        Convection ovens are highly popular models that cook food evenly. As they promote fast and consistent heat, convection ovens are great for those who want to achieve the perfect meal in less time. A convection oven is also appealing to many oven shoppers due to its versatility and availability as a gas or electric oven. It is ideal for cooking and baking that require a consistent amount of heat with less energy consumption.

        Microwave Oven

        A microwave oven uses electromagnetic energy for heating and cooking simple dishes. Although it is not as complex as other oven types in terms of functions, a microwave oven is a reliable appliance for simple kitchen functions. Microwave ovens are classified as solo, grill, or convection.

        Toaster Oven

        A toaster oven is a small countertop oven that is ideal for simple cooking such as making bread, a simple recipe, or, as the name describes, making toast. An oven toaster comes in a two-slice or four-slice model.

        Quick Tips on Buying an Oven in Singapore

        Just like any other kitchen appliance, there is no one-size-fits-all in terms of oven types. The best oven will always be based on your own preferences and price range. Take note of these buying tips when choosing an oven for baking or cooking.

        1. Choose an oven that is suitable for your requirements and capacity. What do you frequently cook or grill? Will you use your oven solely for baking?
        2. Make sure you have enough space where you plan to place your oven, like your kitchen counter.
        3. Look for the best features that fit your cooking and baking needs. Many innovative ovens come with useful features and accessories that can help you enjoy cooking, roasting, grilling, or baking better.
        4. Invest in user-friendly ovens.
        5. Choose energy-efficient units.
        6. The oven style matters too. Gas or electric ovens? A freestanding oven or a smaller type? What type of oven finish is suitable for your kitchen setup?
        7. Set your budget.

        What Additional Oven Features Should I Look For?

        • Grill Options

        • Rotisserie option

        • Timer

        • Temperature control

        • Self-Cleaning Feature

        • Oven Racks

        • Child-Lock Feature

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