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Megafurniture’s collection of ergonomically designed office chairs in SG comprises quality-grade materials that grant maximal benchmarks for your home office or workplace comfort—securing your confidence and your budget with quality! Investing in a good office chair will upgrade your wellness and productivity.
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Bancroft Mesh Office Chair
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          Why Choose an Ergonomic Office Chair?

          Have you ever felt constant back pain and fatigue while sitting for hours straight in your office? Research shows that prolonged hours of sitting can affect your spine health and your overall wellness. When sitting on an unsupportive chair, you tend to slouch, causing lower back pain. The lack of lumbar support can also take a toll on your spine health. To prevent this, you need a chair that supports your proper posture while sitting. A high back seat with proper head, neck, arm, and leg support is also advantageous to prevent strains or sitting-related injuries.
          An ergonomic office chair is specially made to cater to long periods of sitting, considering how many office workers suffer from fatigue and lower back pains. However, while office chairs are proven to be helpful, there are still many office workers who hesitate to change their seating solution due to the hefty price tag attached to the office chair. But we have good news for you!

          Megafurniture Singapore curates a wide selection of office chairs that range from budget options to high end office chairs to help you score the best pieces based on your budget plan. Check out our collection of high-quality office chairs, executive high back chairs, and computer chairs in Singapore for the best prices online.


          Do I Only Need an Ergonomic Chair in the Office?

          An office chair is not limited to your on-site office. You can get an office chair or a computer chair for your study room and remote office, where you also sit for long hours straight. An office chair with a reliable ergonomic chair design, comfortable back rest, and breathable structure promotes better posture and comfort. We have a wide range of office chairs that fit your desired look and comfort level.


          Which Type of Office Chair is the Best?

          There are various types of office chairs for various tasks. Choosing the right office chair depends on what you need it for and how long you will use it.

          24 Hour Office Chair

          If you work long hours, a 24 hour office chair is an excellent choice. This office chair is undeniably durable and supportive, providing a perfect fit for your pressure points to maintain good posture and combat lower back pain when sitting.

          Ergonomic Office Chair

          If you spend most of your work hours sitting, an ergonomic office chair is a good piece of office furniture to provide you with flexible body and lumbar support. Ergonomic office chairs have adjustable seat height, an adjustable headrest, armrests, footrests, and backrests, as well as some tilt functions. An ergonomic chair is also made from supportive cushion materials to relieve pressure and prevent back pains.

          Computer Chair

          Computer chairs, also called task chairs, are designed to be paired with a computer desk. They also include a few ergonomic features for posture support and an adjustable seat to fit multiple desk heights. These office chairs also have tilt functions, a mid-height to full height backrest, and a separate neck and head support.

          Fabric Chairs

          Fabric is a popular office chair material that is incredibly comfortable and breathable. The fabric backrest of a fabric chair is incredibly supportive and comes with some ergonomic features.

          Mesh Office Chair

          Mesh office chairs feature another breathable material that adds to the ergonomic capability of the office furniture. Mesh chairs are comfortable in hot areas as they promote proper air flow through their mesh backrests. Some mesh chairs also feature a high back and an adjustable neck rest design to provide additional support.

          Leather Office Chair

          Leather office chairs are stylish, comfortable, and durable. They are mostly used as executive office chairs due to their classic, high back, well-polished look. Many leather office chairs come with padded armrests and some adjustable features.

          Big and Tall Office Chair

          If you are in a taller height range, a big, high back, and tall office chair will suit your needs. Big and tall office chairs are created to be more supportive and durable to accommodate up to 300 pounds of weight or more. These office chairs have  bigger frames, which makes moving more comfortable.

          Executive Office Chair

          If you are willing to pay more for a luxurious office chair, a high back executive chair could be a great choice. This is made from premium materials like leather and presents an elegant and functional ergonomic design.


          What to Look for When Buying an Office Chair?

          • Fit: Ensure that your office chair fits your seating needs and desk height.
          • Adjustability: A good ergonomic office chair has adjustable armrests and height, proper lumbar support, and many other features.
          • Price: Shop for a high-quality office chair in Singapore that fits your budget.


          How Much is an Office Chair in Singapore?

          We understand how daunting it is to shop for an office chair considering all the terminologies and price tags attached to it. Here at Megafurniture, we guarantee that you get the best office chair and computer chair quality for the right price. You can find a comfortable office chair at Megafurniture starting at $78. We have a wide range of office chairs made from quality materials, featuring versatile features to accommodate your needs. Whether you are looking for a high back office chair or one with adjustable armrests, you can browse through our online store to find the best fit for your study room.

          Have inquiries? Please feel free to connect with our team to help you with your shopping concerns. We are happy to serve you.


          Make Your Home Office Comfortable with Megafurniture

          The best office chairs in Singapore provide maximum comfort. While all of us have different seating needs, heights, weights, and lifestyles, there are high-quality office chair options awaiting you!

          Looking for a great office chair? Shop online for affordable office chairs and office sofas in Singapore and enhance the comfort of your home office with the best ergonomic chairs for your specific needs.

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