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Coffee Table Singapore

Coffee Table

Shop High-Quality Coffee Tables in Singapore

Give your home a minimalist and contemporary beauty with Megafurniture's coffee table collection on sale! 

With their subtle look and elegant details, these coffee tables complement interior designs and home accessories.

Made from wood, metal, glass, marble, and sintered stone materials, you can choose pieces that spark your interest. You can also select a shape that fits your interior theme: from rectangular to square, to oval, and round coffee table desk or side coffee tables options. We also have variety of coffee table with storage if you wanted to keep your knick knacks.

Upgrade your interior design with Megafurniture's wide range of furniture for your HDB and BTO space!

9 Results

9 Results


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Delora Wooden Coffee Table with Rattan Drawers Singapore
Delora Wooden Coffee Table with Rattan Drawers Singapore

Delora Wooden Coffee Table with Rattan Drawers

Regular price $0.00 $599.00 $439.00 Save 27%

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Regular price $0.00 $599.00 $439.00 Save 27%

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Holly Wooden Coffee Table with Drawer Singapore
Holly Wooden Coffee Table with Drawer Singapore

Holly Wooden Coffee Table with Drawer

Regular price $0.00 $499.00 $399.00 Save 20%

Unit price

Regular price $0.00 $499.00 $399.00 Save 20%

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Holly Wooden Oval Coffee Table Singapore
Holly Wooden Oval Coffee Table Singapore

Holly Wooden Oval Coffee Table

Regular price $0.00 $299.00 $239.00 Save 20%

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Regular price $0.00 $299.00 $239.00 Save 20%

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Delora Wooden Side Table Singapore
Delora Wooden Side Table Singapore

Delora Wooden Side Table

Regular price $0.00 $299.00 $199.00 Save 33%

Unit price

Regular price $0.00 $299.00 $199.00 Save 33%

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Delia Wooden Side Table (40cm) Singapore
Delia Wooden Side Table (40cm) Singapore

Delia Wooden Side Table (40cm)

Regular price $0.00 $199.00 $89.00 Save 55%

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Regular price $0.00 $199.00 $89.00 Save 55%

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Wilma Wooden Coffee Table Singapore
Wilma Wooden Coffee Table Singapore

Wilma Wooden Coffee Table


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Dashiel Wooden Coffee Table Singapore
Dashiel Wooden Coffee Table Singapore

Dashiel Wooden Coffee Table

Regular price $0.00 $599.00 $399.00 Save 33%

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Regular price $0.00 $599.00 $399.00 Save 33%

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Bertha Wooden Side Table Singapore
Bertha Wooden Side Table Singapore

Bertha Wooden Side Table

5.0 (1)

Regular price $0.00 $379.00 $279.00 Save 26%

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Regular price $0.00 $379.00 $279.00 Save 26%

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[AS-IS] Bertha Wooden Side Table Singapore
[AS-IS] Bertha Wooden Side Table Singapore
Out Of Stock

[AS-IS] Bertha Wooden Side Table

5.0 (1)

Regular price $0.00 $379.00 $225.00 Save 41%

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Regular price $0.00 $379.00 $225.00 Save 41%

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Level Up Your Living Space with These Must-Have Coffee Tables in Singapore

When it comes to remodelling your living space, coffee tables may seem minor and straightforward, but did you know that they may be the foundation for achieving a unified, fashionable design that complements and matches everything? 

They may contain your favourite coffee table books, which is a valuable function, but they can also be your living area's primary focal point, adding charm, flair, and elegance.

Beyond its practical function of holding your drinks and snacks, a coffee table/small table in Singapore also serves as a furniture piece to display your beautiful and decorative accents that mirror your style. With this, selecting the perfect coffee table can be a difficult task but a very interesting one.

Whether you are looking for a sleek and modern design, rustic vibes, or something in between, Megafurniture's options can seem endless. We offer you a stylish coffee table suitable to your taste and preferences.

Megafurnitures' collection of coffee tables spans a range of materials, shapes, and styles, where you can find a perfect low coffee table that works, is suitable, and will complement your existing decor or might inspire you to try something new. 

We'll also included tips on how to style your coffee table to create a cohesive, cosy, and inviting living room atmosphere. So, whether you are starting from scratch or need to learn how to design your living room, or looking for a trend setup, these must-have coffee tables will surely bring beauty and function to your space.

Types of Coffee Table

The classic marble coffee table

Looking for a classic and timeless design? Marble coffee tables are a perfect choice for you. 

A marble coffee table has a sleek elegance and natural marble beauty, making it an ideal and best choice for different décor styles that fit your taste and preference. If you like a modern minimalist look, choose a white marble coffee table or opt for a more daring style with a black marble top. This would surely bring true works of art to your modern and minimalistic living room.

The rustic wood coffee table

Wooden designs can add character and warmth to your living room, which is why a rustic wooden coffee table is perfect for those who want a more natural and grounded feel to their living spaces. With this, a rustic wood coffee table is perfect and an excellent choice. Whether you opt for a simple, raw-edge style or a more polished finish, a wooden coffee table can be a great choice and option to introduce and promote organic texture to your home décor.

The statement metallic coffee table

Gold and brass finishes are popular nowadays, but other options like rose and copper can add ultimate perfection and be eye-catching to your living room. If you are into adding a bit of glamour and shine, the metallic coffee table is the best option and fits perfectly to your preferences. Additionally, you can pair a metallic coffee table with neutral or minimalistic furniture to add bold statement and elegance.

The chic glass coffee table

These kinds of coffee tables are perfect for small spaces. Clear glass is always a safe choice, but you can also choose a patterned or coloured glass top for a more chick and unique look. Glass coffee tables are excellent choices if you want to add elegance and shine to your living room.

The modern concrete coffee table

Choose a minimalist geometric design for a sleek look, or go bold with rustic-industrial styling. With this choice, concrete coffee tables are just a perfect option if you are into the durability and functionality of coffee tables that can withstand daily wear and tear. It can also give you a modern twist on classic material, is surprisingly versatile, and can complement and fits everywhere.

The Coffee Table With Storage

The Coffee Table with Storage combines functionality and style, offering ample space to declutter your living area. Its sleek design includes hidden compartments and drawers, perfect for storing magazines, remotes, and other essentials. Ideal for small spaces, this versatile table enhances any decor while keeping your living room organized.

Coffee Tables For Sale Categorised By The Materials Used

1. Wood Coffee Tables

  • Solid Wood: Known for its durability and classic appearance. Common types include oak, walnut, cherry, and pine.
  • Engineered Wood: Includes plywood and MDF (medium-density fiberboard). Often used for more affordable options, sometimes with a veneer finish.

2. Metal Coffee Tables

  • Steel: Provides a modern, industrial look. Often powder-coated or finished to resist rust and scratches.
  • Aluminum: Lightweight and resistant to corrosion, often used in modern and minimalist designs.
  • Wrought Iron: Adds a decorative and classic touch, usually found in traditional or rustic settings.

3. Glass Coffee Tables

  • Tempered Glass: Stronger and safer than regular glass, used for its sleek and contemporary appearance.
  • Frosted Glass: Offers a more subdued look, providing a blend of elegance and privacy.

4. Marble Coffee Tables

  • Natural Marble: Known for its luxury and unique veining patterns. Each piece is unique, but it requires careful maintenance.
  • Composite Marble: Made from crushed marble and resin, offering a similar look at a lower cost and with less maintenance.

5. Stone Coffee Tables

  • Granite: Durable and heat-resistant, often used in high-end designs.
  • Slate: Offers a rustic and natural look, with each piece being unique due to its natural formation.

6. Acrylic Coffee Tables

  • Lucite/Plexiglass: Lightweight and modern, offering a transparent look that can make spaces feel larger and less cluttered.

7. Leather Coffee Tables

  • Bonded Leather: More affordable, made from leather scraps and polyurethane.
  • Full-Grain Leather: High-quality, durable, and luxurious, often used as a covering over a wooden frame.

8. Rattan/Wicker Coffee Tables

  • Natural Rattan/Wicker: Offers a casual, coastal, or bohemian vibe. It is lightweight but can be less durable over time.
  • Synthetic Rattan/Wicker: More durable and weather-resistant, often used for outdoor settings.

9. Concrete Coffee Tables

  • Solid Concrete: Offers a modern and industrial look, very durable but heavy.
  • Concrete Composite: Lighter and often mixed with other materials to create a more manageable weight and different textures.

10. Reclaimed Materials Coffee Tables

  • Reclaimed Wood: Eco-friendly and unique, often featuring a mix of different woods with a rustic charm.
  • Recycled Materials: Includes various upcycled materials like metal, wood, and even plastics, providing unique and sustainable options.

Types of Coffee Tables According To Configurations

1. Traditional Coffee Tables

  • Rectangular: The most common shape, versatile for various room layouts and often providing the most surface area.
  • Square: Ideal for larger seating arrangements or square-shaped living areas.

2. Round Coffee Tables

  • Circular: Promotes better flow in the room and is safer for households with children due to the lack of sharp corners.
  • Oval: Combines the benefits of circular and rectangular tables, offering a larger surface area without the hard edges.

3. Nested Coffee Tables

  • Nesting Tables: A set of tables that can be stacked together or pulled apart as needed, perfect for flexible use and small spaces.

4. Lift-Top Coffee Tables

  • Lift-Top Mechanism: The tabletop can be lifted and pulled towards you, providing a convenient workspace or dining area.

5. Storage Coffee Tables

  • Drawers: Built-in drawers for storing items like remote controls, magazines, or coasters.
  • Shelves: Open or enclosed shelves underneath the tabletop for easy-access storage.
  • Ottoman Storage: A coffee table that doubles as an ottoman with a lift-off top to reveal storage space inside.

6. Convertible Coffee Tables

  • Adjustable Height: Tables with adjustable heights to convert from coffee table height to dining or desk height.
  • Fold-Out Tables: Tables that can expand in size by unfolding additional sections.

7. Sectional Coffee Tables

  • Modular Sections: Comprised of multiple sections that can be arranged in various configurations to fit different spaces and needs.

8. Tray Top Coffee Tables

  • Removable Trays: The tabletop includes one or more trays that can be removed for serving purposes.

9. C-Side Coffee Tables

  • C-Shaped Design: Designed to slide under a sofa or chair, making it easy to use as a laptop table or for holding drinks and snacks while sitting.

10. Drum Coffee Tables

  • Cylindrical Shape: A solid, drum-like shape that provides a bold statement and can include hidden storage inside.

11. Shadow Box Coffee Tables

  • Display Area: Features a glass top with a display area underneath, perfect for showcasing decorative items, collections, or keepsakes.

12. Bunching Coffee Tables

  • Multiple Small Tables: A collection of small tables that can be grouped together or used separately throughout the room.

13. Outdoor Coffee Tables

  • Weather-Resistant: Specifically designed for outdoor use with materials that withstand the elements, often featuring storage for outdoor cushions or accessories.

14. Ottoman Coffee Tables

  • Padded Surface: Doubles as a footrest, sometimes with a flat, hard surface for placing items or a tray on top.

15. Console Coffee Tables

  • Long and Narrow: Ideal for placing against a wall or behind a sofa, often used for decorative purposes or light storage.

Common Sizes and Dimensions of Coffee Tables in Singapore

1. Standard Sizes

  • Length: Typically between 36 to 48 inches (91 to 122 cm). This size works well with standard-sized sofas and allows enough space for functionality and aesthetics.
  • Width: Usually ranges from 18 to 24 inches (46 to 61 cm). This provides a good balance between surface area and the ability to move around the table.
  • Height: Generally between 16 to 18 inches (41 to 46 cm). This is often in line with the height of a standard sofa seat, making it convenient to reach.

2. Large Coffee Tables

  • Length: Can go up to 60 inches (152 cm) or more. Suitable for larger living rooms with more extensive seating arrangements.
  • Width: Can be up to 30 inches (76 cm) or more, providing ample surface area for decorative items, books, and drinks.
  • Height: Similar to standard height but can go up to 20 inches (51 cm) depending on the design and intended use.

3. Small Coffee Tables

  • Length: Typically around 24 to 36 inches (61 to 91 cm). Ideal for small spaces or as a complement to a larger table.
  • Width: Generally around 12 to 18 inches (30 to 46 cm). Suitable for tight spaces or minimalist designs.
  • Height: Can be lower, around 12 to 16 inches (30 to 41 cm), especially for modern or low-profile furniture.

4. Square Coffee Tables

  • Dimensions: Often range from 30 to 48 inches (76 to 122 cm) on each side. They provide a balanced surface area and work well in square or symmetrical seating arrangements.
  • Height: Typically between 16 to 18 inches (41 to 46 cm).

5. Round Coffee Tables

  • Diameter: Common sizes range from 30 to 48 inches (76 to 122 cm). They are ideal for creating a flow in the room and avoiding sharp edges.
  • Height: Usually between 16 to 18 inches (41 to 46 cm), similar to standard heights but can vary based on design.

6. Oval Coffee Tables

  • Length: Generally between 36 to 54 inches (91 to 137 cm). The elongated shape offers a larger surface area while maintaining smooth edges.
  • Width: Typically around 18 to 24 inches (46 to 61 cm) at the widest point.
  • Height: Standard heights of 16 to 18 inches (41 to 46 cm) apply here as well.

7. Nesting Coffee Tables

  • Varied Sizes: These come in sets of two or three, with smaller tables fitting under a larger one. Sizes can vary widely but typically range from small (12 inches or 30 cm in diameter) to medium (24 inches or 61 cm in diameter).
  • Height: Heights can vary from 12 to 20 inches (30 to 51 cm), providing a tiered look when nested.

8. Lift-Top Coffee Tables

  • Length: Typically between 36 to 48 inches (91 to 122 cm).
  • Width: Usually around 18 to 24 inches (46 to 61 cm).
  • Height: When lowered, the height is standard (16 to 18 inches or 41 to 46 cm). When lifted, it can reach up to 24 to 28 inches (61 to 71 cm).

9. Custom and Unique Sizes

  • For those seeking a unique design or specific functionality, custom coffee tables can be made to fit any dimension required. This allows for complete flexibility in length, width, and height based on personal preference and room layout.

Care Tips:

1. Wood Coffee Tables

  • Use a soft, lint-free cloth to dust the table regularly. Avoid using rough or abrasive materials that can scratch the surface.
  • Wipe up any spills promptly to prevent staining or warping. Use a damp cloth for cleaning and follow with a dry cloth to remove any moisture.
  • Protect the surface from heat, moisture, and scratches by using coasters for drinks and mats for hot items.
  • Use a wood polish or furniture wax to maintain the shine and protect the surface. Avoid products with silicone or ammonia.

2. Metal Coffee Tables

  • Use a soft, damp cloth to remove dust and fingerprints. Dry thoroughly to prevent water spots and rust.
  • Use mild soap and water for cleaning. Avoid abrasive cleaners or scouring pads that can scratch the finish.
  • If the table is exposed to moisture, ensure it is dried promptly. Consider using a protective sealant for added rust prevention.

3. Glass Coffee Tables

  • Use a glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth to remove fingerprints, smudges, and dust. Avoid ammonia-based cleaners if the table has a tinted or treated finish.
  • Prevent scratches and marks by placing coasters and placemats under items.
  • Avoid placing heavy objects on the glass surface to prevent cracking or breaking.

4. Marble Coffee Tables

  • Use a soft, damp cloth to clean the surface. Dry with a clean, dry cloth to prevent water spots.
  • Marble is sensitive to acidic substances like vinegar or citrus. Use pH-neutral cleaners specifically designed for marble.
  • Apply a marble sealant annually to protect the surface from stains and etching.

5. Stone Coffee Tables (e.g., Granite, Slate)

  • Use a soft cloth and mild soap for cleaning. Rinse with water and dry thoroughly.
  • Like marble, stone tables can be damaged by acidic substances. Use stone-safe cleaners.
  • Apply a stone sealant as recommended by the manufacturer to protect against stains and moisture.

6. Acrylic Coffee Tables

  • Clean with a damp, soft cloth. Avoid using rough materials that can scratch the surface.
  • Use a mild, non-abrasive cleaner. Avoid ammonia-based products which can cause the acrylic to become cloudy.
  • Place soft pads under decorative items and avoid dragging objects across the surface.

7. Leather Coffee Tables

  • Use a soft cloth to dust and a vacuum with a brush attachment for crevices.
  • Wipe spills promptly with a damp cloth. Use leather-specific cleaners for deeper cleaning.
  • Apply a leather conditioner periodically to keep the material supple and prevent cracking.

8. Rattan/Wicker Coffee Tables

  • Dust regularly and use a vacuum with a brush attachment to remove dirt from crevices.
  • Use a damp cloth with mild soap for cleaning. Avoid soaking the material.
  • Keep the table out of direct sunlight to prevent the material from becoming brittle.

9. Concrete Coffee Tables

  • Clean with a damp cloth and mild soap. Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the surface.
  • Apply a concrete sealant as recommended to protect against stains and moisture.
  • Prevent scratches and marks by using coasters and mats under items.

General Tips for All Coffee Tables:

  • Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause fading and damage to many materials.
  • Place furniture pads under the table legs to prevent scratches on the floor and to easily move the table if needed.
  • Periodically check for any loose parts, screws, or damage and address them promptly to prevent further issues.

What to consider when buying your coffee table

Here are the key factors to consider in choosing your perfect coffee table:

1. Home decor. Take into account your existing home decor. Know whether you prefer a modern or traditional style and décor of a coffee table because it should complement the style and help tie your living room together.

2. Size & Shape. Always match your coffee table with your existing home decor and even your existing space. If you have a smaller living room, choose a modern minimalistic style with a subtle design and sleek-shaped coffee table that can maximize your small living room. But if you have a larger space, you can choose any size, shape, or style of coffee table that you want, whether it's rectangular, square, round, or nested.

3. Functionality. A coffee table with built-in storage can maximize your living room space. Think carefully about how you want to use your coffee table daily and choose a style that can meet your needs.

4. Quality. Make sure to include the quality of your coffee table! An excellent coffee table can withstand the test of time and save you from buying again and frequent maintenance. Choose coffee tables that are made from solid materials such as fine wood, metal, or glass. And choose the perfect style to level up your home decorations.

Megafurniture understands that choosing the perfect coffee table takes style, functionality, and craftsmanship. By keeping these essential factors, Megafurniture offers expansive catalogues with various coffee table designs that you can choose from.

Revamping your living area with the appropriate coffee table will surely take your home décor to an entirely new level of refinement and elegance. And if you are looking for an ideal addition to your contemporary or modern minimalistic living room, these essential and elegant-looking coffee tables are the perfect choices. 

Discover the magic of coffee tables, dive into the Megafurniture website, and check various designs for perfect coffee tables to transform your living room into a cosy sanctuary. Whatever preference, style, or taste you want, Megafurniture can accommodate and help you find your needs and meet your expectation with its comprehensive range of catalogues and various coffee table styles and designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should I consider when selecting a coffee table for my living room?

When choosing a coffee table for your living room, consider factors such as the size and shape of the table, its compatibility with your existing home decor, the materials it's made from, and its functionality, including whether it offers storage options.

What are some popular coffee table designs in Singapore?

In Singapore, popular coffee table designs include

  • marble coffee tables,
  • glass coffee tables,
  • industrial-style coffee tables,
  • nesting coffee tables, and
  • unique designer coffee tables.
  • low round coffee table round

How can I maximise space in my living room with a coffee table?

Opting for a coffee table with storage options can help maximise space in your living room. Look for designs incorporating drawers, shelves, or hidden compartments to keep clutter at bay.

Are there coffee tables suitable for small living rooms?

Yes, there are coffee tables specifically designed for smaller living spaces. Consider options such as small round coffee tables, nesting coffee tables with storage, or sleek and minimalist designs that won't overwhelm the room.

What materials are commonly used in coffee table construction?

Coffee tables can be made from various materials, including wood, marble, glass, metal, and concrete. Each material offers unique aesthetics and durability, allowing you to choose one that suits your style and practical needs.

How can I style my coffee table to enhance my living room decor?

To effectively style your coffee table, consider using a combination of decorative accents, such as candles, vases, books, and trays. Layering different heights and textures can create visual interest and make the table a focal point in the room.

What are some ways to incorporate storage into a coffee table's design?

Look for coffee tables with built-in storage features such as drawers, shelves, or lift-up tops. These options allow you to keep essential items close at hand while maintaining a tidy and organized living space.

Can I mix and match different coffee table styles in the same living room?

Mixing different coffee table styles can add depth and character to your living room decor. However, consider elements such as color, material, and overall design aesthetic to maintain cohesion.

Are there any rules for arranging items on a coffee table?

While there are no strict rules, creating balance and symmetry when arranging items on a coffee table is generally recommended. Start with a focal point, such as a centrepiece, and layer additional items around it, varying their heights and textures for visual interest.

How can I protect the surface of my coffee table from damage?

To protect the surface of your coffee table, use coasters or trays for drinks and avoid placing hot or wet items directly on it. To maintain its appearance and durability, regularly clean and polish the surface according to the manufacturer's guidelines.

What shape of a coffee table takes up less space?

Rectangular or oval coffee tables generally take up less space compared to square or round tables. Their elongated shape allows them to fit snugly against sofas and chairs, maximizing floor space.

Do round coffee tables save space?

Yes, round coffee tables can save space in certain layouts. They eliminate sharp corners and can be easier to maneuver around, making them ideal for smaller living areas or tight spaces. Their circular design facilitates better flow in the room.

What type of coffee table is best?

The best type of coffee table depends on your specific needs and living space:

  • For small spaces: Consider a lift-top coffee table or a coffee table with storage to maximize functionality without requiring extra room.
  • For durability: Look for tables made from hardwood or metal.
  • For style and versatility: Glass coffee tables or minimalist designs can complement a wide range of decor styles.
  • For family-friendly environments: Opt for tables with rounded corners or upholstered tops to ensure safety and comfort.

How do I choose a coffee table for a small living room?

 When choosing a coffee table for a small living room, consider the following:

  • Size: Opt for a compact table that doesn’t overwhelm the space. Look for tables that are proportional to your seating arrangement.
  • Shape: Round or oval tables are great as they promote better flow and reduce the risk of bumping into sharp corners.
  • Functionality: Consider multi-functional tables, such as those with storage options or lift-top features.
  • Style: Choose a design that complements your existing furniture and decor to maintain a cohesive look.

What is a good size for a coffee table?

A good size for a coffee table typically depends on the size of your living room and sofa. As a general guideline:

  • Length: 36 to 48 inches (91 to 122 cm)
  • Width: 18 to 24 inches (46 to 61 cm)
  • Height: 16 to 18 inches (41 to 46 cm) Ensure the table is about two-thirds the length of your sofa and leaves enough space for comfortable movement around it.

Why do people buy coffee tables?

People buy coffee tables for various reasons:

  • Functionality: Provides a convenient surface for drinks, snacks, books, and remote controls.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Adds style and completes the look of a living room.
  • Storage: Some coffee tables offer additional storage with shelves, drawers, or lift-top designs.
  • Socializing: Acts as a central point for gatherings, games, and conversations.

Is a round coffee table better than square?

Whether a round coffee table is better than a square one depends on your specific needs and space:

  • Round Tables: Promote better flow in the room, are safer with no sharp edges, and work well in smaller or awkwardly shaped spaces.
  • Square Tables: Offer more surface area and a balanced look, ideal for larger rooms or symmetrical seating arrangements.

Does a round coffee table make a room look bigger?

Yes, a round coffee table can make a room look bigger. Its shape allows for easier movement around the table and creates a more open feel, which can help make a small or crowded room seem more spacious.

Is a round coffee table better for a small living room?

Round coffee tables are often better for small living rooms because they take up less visual space, reduce the risk of bumping into corners, and promote better flow in tight areas. Their shape can also help create a sense of openness.

Why are coffee tables called coffee tables?

The term "coffee table" originated in the late 19th to early 20th century. It is believed that the name came into use because these tables were often placed in front of sofas or seating areas where coffee and tea were served to guests. Over time, they became a staple piece of furniture for living rooms.

What is the difference between a coffee table and a table?

Coffee tables are specifically designed for living rooms and are typically low in height (16 to 18 inches), making them ideal for use while seated on a sofa. They are generally placed in front of a sofa or seating area. In contrast, other tables, like dining tables or side tables, are designed for different purposes and come in various heights and sizes suited to their specific functions.

Transform your living room design with our magnificent marble top coffee table! Visit Megafurniture and reserve your favourite furniture today.