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Coffee Table

Shop High-Quality Coffee Tables in Singapore

Give your home a minimalist and contemporary beauty with Megafurniture's coffee table collection on sale! 

With their subtle look and elegant details, these coffee tables complement interior designs and home accessories.

Made from wood, metal, glass, marble, and sintered stone materials, you can choose pieces that spark your interest. You can also select a shape that fits your interior theme: from rectangular to square, to oval, and round coffee table options.

Upgrade your interior design with Megafurniture's wide range of furniture for your HDB and BTO space!

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Alistair Glossy Sintered Stone TV Console
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      Level Up Your Living Space with These Must-Have Coffee Tables in Singapore

      When it comes to remodelling your living space, coffee tables may seem minor and straightforward, but did you know that they may be the foundation for achieving a unified, fashionable design that complements and matches everything? 

      They may contain your favourite coffee table books, which is a valuable function, but they can also be your living area's primary focal point, adding charm, flair, and elegance.

      Beyond its practical function of holding your drinks and snacks, a coffee table in Singapore also serves as a furniture piece to display your beautiful and decorative accents that mirror your style. With this, selecting the perfect coffee table can be a difficult task but a very interesting one.

      Whether you are looking for a sleek and modern design, rustic vibes, or something in between, Megafurniture's options can seem endless. We offer you a stylish coffee table suitable to your taste and preferences.

      Megafurnitures' collection of coffee tables spans a range of materials, shapes, and styles, where you can find a perfect coffee table that works, is suitable, and will complement your existing decor or might inspire you to try something new. 

      We'll also included tips on how to style your coffee table to create a cohesive, cosy, and inviting living room atmosphere. So, whether you are starting from scratch or need to learn how to design your living room, or looking for a trend setup, these must-have coffee tables will surely bring beauty and function to your space.

      The classic marble coffee table

      Looking for a classic and timeless design? Marble coffee tables are a perfect choice for you. 

      A marble coffee table has a sleek elegance and natural marble beauty, making it an ideal and best choice for different décor styles that fit your taste and preference. If you like a modern minimalist look, choose a white marble coffee table or opt for a more daring style with a black marble top. This would surely bring true works of art to your modern and minimalistic living room.

      The rustic wood coffee table

      Wooden designs can add character and warmth to your living room, which is why a rustic wooden coffee table is perfect for those who want a more natural and grounded feel to their living spaces. With this, a rustic wood coffee table is perfect and an excellent choice. Whether you opt for a simple, raw-edge style or a more polished finish, a wooden coffee table can be a great choice and option to introduce and promote organic texture to your home décor.

      The statement metallic coffee table

      Gold and brass finishes are popular nowadays, but other options like rose and copper can add ultimate perfection and be eye-catching to your living room. If you are into adding a bit of glamour and shine, the metallic coffee table is the best option and fits perfectly to your preferences. Additionally, you can pair a metallic coffee table with neutral or minimalistic furniture to add bold statement and elegance.

      The chic glass coffee table

      These kinds of coffee tables are perfect for small spaces. Clear glass is always a safe choice, but you can also choose a patterned or coloured glass top for a more chick and unique look. Glass coffee tables are excellent choices if you want to add elegance and shine to your living room.

      The modern concrete coffee table

      Choose a minimalist geometric design for a sleek look, or go bold with rustic-industrial styling. With this choice, concrete coffee tables are just a perfect option if you are into the durability and functionality of coffee tables that can withstand daily wear and tear. It can also give you a modern twist on classic material, is surprisingly versatile, and can complement and fits everywhere.

      What to consider when buying your coffee table

      Here are the key factors to consider in choosing your perfect coffee table:

      1. Home decor. Take into account your existing home decor. Know whether you prefer a modern or traditional style and décor of a coffee table because it should complement the style and help tie your living room together.

      2. Size & Shape. Always match your coffee table with your existing home decor and even your existing space. If you have a smaller living room, choose a modern minimalistic style with a subtle design and sleek-shaped coffee table that can maximize your small living room. But if you have a larger space, you can choose any size, shape, or style of coffee table that you want, whether it's rectangular, square, round, or nested.

      3. Functionality. A coffee table with built-in storage can maximize your living room space. Think carefully about how you want to use your coffee table daily and choose a style that can meet your needs.

      4. Quality. Make sure to include the quality of your coffee table! An excellent coffee table can withstand the test of time and save you from buying again and frequent maintenance. Choose coffee tables that are made from solid materials such as fine wood, metal, or glass. And choose the perfect style to level up your home decorations.

      Megafurniture understands that choosing the perfect coffee table takes style, functionality, and craftsmanship. By keeping these essential factors, Megafurniture offers expansive catalogues with various coffee table designs that you can choose from.

      Revamping your living area with the appropriate coffee table will surely take your home décor to an entirely new level of refinement and elegance. And if you are looking for an ideal addition to your contemporary or modern minimalistic living room, these essential and elegant-looking coffee tables are the perfect choices. 

      Discover the magic of coffee tables, dive into the Megafurniture website, and check various designs for perfect coffee tables to transform your living room into a cosy sanctuary. Whatever preference, style, or taste you want, Megafurniture can accommodate and help you find your needs and meet your expectation with its comprehensive range of catalogues and various coffee table styles and designs.